gordon pulaski / graphic designer + creative director
As a career, Graphic Designer and Creative Director, it is my mission to deliver to any organization the highest standards of creativity, forward-thinking and knowledge in my field, efficient managerial skills, team leadership, tactical thinking, and cutting edge skills in mixed media communications.

Professional Skills: Traditionally trained Graphic Designer, I’m self-taught on Mac IOS, Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, among others. Experienced with WordPress/Elementor. Social Media Planning Marketing and Analytics, Web Design/Production, digital pre-press, experienced in advertising, publishing, photography/photo editing.

My years of experience also include private and consumer programs and collateral for, Travel & Tourism, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, CME program development to name a few. I’ve worked with agency teams and individual clients from large corporations to small businesses. 

I enjoy the daily challenge of turning creative ideas into something tangible. Working with business professionals, brainstorming then carefully plotting a course of action to solve the problems at hand. Over the past 12 years, My focus has been working with the LGBTQ+ Community of New Hope, Pa. I am a very hands-on creative director for New Hope Celebrates, Inc. working with a team we have developed long-term strategies for the organization’s annual Pride Festival as well as several other programs and fundraising events including an LGBTQ+ History Archive, and exhibits. 
Thank you!